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The Core

At the core of Twenty Eighty lies the mission to cultivate mental space in a complex world. We strive to create a company environment and culture that enables individuals to concentrate on life’s essential aspects, fostering a flow for bright ideas with a clear perspective on the real world. We believe in the principle that 20% of what you do brings 80% of the happiness in your life. We call this The Unforeseen Balance.

The People

Great concepts and brilliant ideas that can fuel business growth don’t just materialize out of the blue; they come with years of experience and the ability to connect the right dots. That is why our foundation is a collection of bright and creative-minded individuals with over 15 years of diverse backgrounds and experience.

The Service

We offer our clients a holistic view of business, combining a deep understanding of design and digital aspects with a fast-moving process that we call Concept Design. Concept Design is our tool for challenging, rethinking, and testing new things—whether it’s a new product or service, exploring a new market, reimagining marketing strategies or brand experiences, or solving a business problem.